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Windtechnik from Schleswig-Holstein - for Germany and the world

FW 2000


- Based on the conception of the 2.5 MW turbine

- Hub heights from 85 m to 141 m

- Rotor diameter 93 m and 100 m

- Simple transport and logistic

FW 2500


- Reliable technology concept

- Hub heights from 85 m to 160 m

- Rotor diameter from 90 m to 104 m

- Feasibility of optimum combination for almost every site

FW 3000


- Power output 3.0 MW/3.2 MW/3.5 MW

- 90 m und 100 m steel tube tower 

- 120 m und 140 m lattice-tube-hybrid tower (K-tower)

- 140 m concrete-tube-hybrid tower

- Rotor diameter 120 m und 132 m

As a manufacturer of onshore wind turbines of the Multimegawatt class, we also undertake the planning and turnkey erection of the whole wind farm, project-specific from the pure production and delivery of plants, their erection and commissioning.
As a provider of services (O & M), we take care of the maintenance as well as the operation of wind farms or individual turbines regardless of the manufacturer. Depending on customer and project-specific optimization, the scope of services ranges from the provision of individual service and maintenance work to the full maintenance of the entire wind farm.
Originated from companies which have played a major role in the development of the wind market (like the Fuhrländer AG) we combine more than 30 years of experience as a manufacturer and service provider, proven technology and a large reverence portfolio with the flexibility and dynamic of a start-up company.

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